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G2 signing Rekkles from Fnatic. , . pic.twitter.com/63v4mI0TcA — G2 Arctic (@G2ArcticES) November 20, 2020 With Rekkles' addition, G2's roster for 2021 is seemingly complete G2 Rekkles - Fnatic Was SH*T Last Summer! ️ Credits: Support Rekkles on Social MediaTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rekklesTwitter: https://twitter.com/r.. Die neuesten Tweets von @G2Grabb

Rekkles ist ein starker ADC, könnte G2 noch dominanter machen Was macht die Situation so brisant? Rekkles war seit 2015 Teil von Fnatic und verlängerte 2017 seinen Vertrag um 3 Jahre Es ist offiziell. Rekkles verlässt Fnatic in Richtung G2 Esports. Damit könnte sich ein europäisches Super-Team in League of Legends bilden 334k Followers, 0 Following, 239 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Martin Larsson (@rekkles

G2 Esports signs Rekkles to its League of Legends roster

So who IS Rekkles' biggest fan? We think Jankos might know the answer...Jankos has been spending the League of Legends offseason streaming and, unlike his Ni.. No one saw it coming (except Rekkles)More Out of Context Jankos, Yuli is SHOOK, Wunder and Luci put on top lane masterclasses and more in the latest G2 Leagu.. If you wanna support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/twiddli https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=JEUGAV9HY5YFU&cur.. G2 Esports bot laner Martin Rekkles Larsson is the 2021 LEC Spring MVP after his first split with the legendary organization.. After a great split for the Swedish superstar, Rekkles added a trophy to his mantel. He wins the MVP award despite missing out on the LEC Spring Finals after G2 took a rough 3-1 loss to Rogue in the lower bracket final

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Ein Superstar geht, ein neuer kommt: G2 Esports hat nach dem Perkz-Abschied am Dienstag nun offiziell einen Ersatz für die Bot-Lane gefunden. Am späten Freitagnachmittag gab die Organisation die Verpflichtung von Fnatic-Ikone Rekkles via Twitter bekannt. Zuvor hatte bereits Esportsmaniacos-Reporter Pablo Bloop Suárez den Transfer enthüllt Rekkles will create his own path here and I know the G2ARMY will support him along the way. He promised he would win Worlds. And he will. With G2. Together, we will be going back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back in the LEC and winning Worlds with Rekkles, Wunder, Jankos, Caps, and Mikyx in 2021. We can't wait to return to the Rift and show. G2 won the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational, and reached the Grand Final of that year's Worlds. Their most recent appearance saw them finish 3-4th in the 2020 World Championship. Rekkles, a Fnatic superstar, now looks to join forces with G2. Following the organization's release of Perkz, Rekkles will take over the team's AD carry position for.

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G2 und Rekkles scheinen insgesamt eine vielversprechende Kombination zu sein. Zumindest in der LEC dürfte es kaum ein Team geben, das dem Duo etwas entgegenzusetzen hätte - zumindest auf dem Papier. Der Wechsel wäre strategisch für beide Parteien keine schlechte Entscheidung - auch, wenn er Fnatic-Fans einen Stich versetzen würde 先日Fnaticを脱退したRekklesがG2 Esportに加入したことがG2 EsportsオフィシャルTwitterによって報じられた Teilen auf Twitter. Tweeten Share on Facebook. Teilen Empfehlen über reddit. reddit Teilen Sie per E-Mail . E-Mail Nachdem Rekkles Fnatic Anfang dieser Woche verlassen hat, hat er bei den Konkurrenzorganisationen G2 Esports ein neues Zuhause gefunden. Es ist wahrscheinlich der größte Schock der Nebensaison, direkt hinter Luka Perkz Perković, der G2 verlässt, um zur LCS zu wechseln. Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson será el tirador de G2 Esports a partir de 2021.Así lo ha confirmado el club fundado por Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodríguez en sus redes sociales, poniendo fin a varias semanas de rumores que apuntaban a esta posibilidad, especialmente desde que se supo que Luka 'Perkz' Perkovic iba a salir de G2. Lo cierto es que el fichaje se daba ya por hecho desde que Fnatic, el antiguo. G2 Rekkles / Diamond 2 27LP / 95W 82L Win Ratio 54% / Kai'Sa - 91W 52L Win Ratio 64%, Jhin - 23W 29L Win Ratio 44%, Tristana - 14W 12L Win Ratio 54%, Senna - 7W 15L Win Ratio 32%, Aphelios - 8W 11L Win Ratio 42

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  1. Y aquí entra el nuevo rumor sobre Rekkles. Según Esportmaniacos, l a estrella sueca interesa en las oficinas de G2 Esports, pero ante lo que ha ocurrido con Perkz (supuestamente), Fnatic cerraría la puerta a los samuráis en las narices. Primer hotfix del parche 10.23 para nerfear muchos objetos y a Viktor
  2. utos G2 Esports ha anunciado de forma oficial el fichaje de Rekkles, la hasta ahora estrella de su gran rival, Fnatic, que ahora inicia una nueva aventura de la mano de los samurais en un movimiento de mercado histórico que podríamos comparar (para aquellos que no conozcan la rivalidad entre ambos equipos), a la llegada de Figo al Real Madrid o la de Luis Enrique al FC Barcelona
  3. utos de lectura. Hace unos segundos, G2 Esports ha publicado por fin el anuncio que llevábamos varios días esperando. Martin « Rekkles » Larsson será el nuevo tirador de los samuráis para la nueva temporada de League of Legends
  4. There is nothing cursed about it, G2 played sloppy in the early game like they always have and didn't doesn't play smart in the mid game like they used to. Rekkles might be a contributing factor in their passiveness and the loss of Perkz might be the reason they lack their characteristic good mid to late game

Rekkles joining G2 would be the EU dream to be honest. It would be the EU nightmare. It would basically kill off Fnatic, making Europe a 1 team region. It would be terribly boring and G2 would have no competition whatsoever. They would still never win worlds. It would have so many downsides, let alone tank the viewership really hard as well Rekkles leaves Fnatic for the second time in his career, the first time being back in 2014 when he left to join Alliance.Rekkles returned to Fnatic in May 2015, as his journey to Alliance and later on to Elements didn't work out. He has since been the face of Fnatic and has won three domestic trophies with the team, as well as making it to the Mid-Seasonal Invitational in 2018 and. Rekkles to G2 rumour's are starting to appear. Along with Carlos's video saying changes we make are to win worlds. I.e selling an unhappy autofilled adc to get the best adc in the west (rekkles), Rekkles is a free agent in 3 days and Fnatic have not announced his resigning which they can do at any point Twitter; Mail; Fragster Games. Home; News; Events; Fragster DE; Fragster EN; Home; Counter Strike; Dota 2; League of Legends; Starcraft 2; Overwatch; HotS; Hearthstone; Search for: Martin Larsson Rekkles Settings & Gear Real Name Martin Larsson Age 24 Clan G2 Esports Country Sweden. Next Match. Astralis prediction 6% 94% G2 Esports LEC 2021 Summer 18.06.2021 | 22:00 CEST. finished games. G2. After being a mainstay at European team Fnatic for years now, Martin Rekkles Larsson has decided to go out of his comfort zone and join League of Legends European Championship (LEC) 2020 Spring and Summer champions G2 Esports.. Many loyal Fnatic fans and even G2 fans were baffled by this decision by the 24-year old Swedish bot laner, which is why he dedicated a two-part video where he.

and Rekkles answered I really like the girls here with a bigass smile with NO hesitation. He said a few years ago he was interested in moving to China, he also posts in chinese on twitter. Rekkles and caps are the only two players we could unironically see in China. They both fit the general playstyle Rekkles 946 upvotes, Jun 15. MAD Carzzy: When we are on our peak we are the best. But right now? I'd say we are top two after Hans sama and Trymbi. I still think that Rekkles and Mikyx are really really good. But I don't think that they're that good in lane, they're good after lane LEC ADC for G2 Esports. Rekkles's best S11 champions were undefined, undefined, and undefined. G2 Esports. 2 / 0 / 1. Perfect KDA. VS. General Stats. 52.27 % WR727 games. 2nd. Avg. KDA. 1st. CS / Min. 13th. Gold / Min. 45th. Kill Part. Champions Played. Champions Played. Recent Achievements. LEC Spring 2020. LEC Summer 2019. 2018 World Championship. EU LCS Summer 2018. Mid-Season.

Das zweite Wochenende im Spring Split 2021 der LEC steht vor der Tür und der dominante Start von G2 und Rekkles wecken große Erwartungen. Andere Teams müssen nachziehen Rekkles, flamante fichaje de G2 Esports para intentar ganar Worlds en 2021, El MVP podría ser un consuelo para el sueco, que pese a todo, mostró su tristeza en Twitter tras caer ayer contra Rogue por 1-3, y eso que fue el mejor de un G2 Esports que anda muy perdido en el meta actual. G2 Esports ; LEC; Primera final de LEC sin G2 o Fnatic: MAD Lions y Rogue hacen historia Primera final de. FNC Upset after beating G2 Esports: Rekkles has never scared me. On Day 2 of Week 3 of the 2021 LEC Spring Split, Fnatic has won the most important game of the season, the one against the biggest rival in this competition: G2 Esports. After a bad beginning, Fnatic was able to pull itself together and coordinate enough to be back in the game. Share on twitter. Tweet Share on facebook. Share all signs right now point to him signing for G2 Esports after they parted ways with their mid laner turned ADC Luka Perkz Perkovic who is expected to join Cloud9. Speculation had been rampant about who G2 would replace Perkz with, it does appear that G2 will pull off the shock of the off-season by reuniting Rekkles and Caps once again. Via Twitter maakte Fnatic woensdagavond bekend dat hun ADC Rekkles de organisatie verlaat. Na acht jaar trouwe dienst heeft Rekkles zelf aangegeven een nieuwe uitdaging aan te willen gaan. Hij heeft inmiddels ook al voor een nieuw team getekend, waarvan de verwachting is dat dit om aartsrivaal G2 Esports gaat

Share on twitter. Tweet Share on facebook. Share Share on reddit. Reddit Share on email. Email After leaving Fnatic earlier this week, Rekkles has found a new home at rival organizations G2 Esports. It's probably the biggest shock of the off-season, right behind Luka Perkz Perković leaving G2 to move to the LCS. Martin Rekkles Larsson, who spent the last six years at Fnatic, has. Just take a look at this impressive three-man Pulverize from Mihael Mikyx Mehle's Alistar, giving Rekkles a very easy double kill. G2's first match of the year ended in victory with dominating stats from Rekkles such as a 28.9% damage percentage and a 78.3% kill participation. It has only been months since Mikyx and Rekkles started. Rekkles con G2 Esports: 25 asesinatos y 1 muerte en 3 mapas El sueco debutó con G2 Esports en la primera superweek de LEC y ha dejado unas estadísticas al nivel del mejor ADC de Europa. Además, Mikyx ha recuperado su mejor nivel y los samuráis parecen imparables [Esportmaniacos] Rekkles decided to not renew a deal with FNATIC and test the free agency, G2 expected to be the frontrunners in the race to sign him. So according to /u/BloopGG on twitter Rekkles decided to not sign with FNATIC yet and instead will test the waters during free agency LoL - 25.11.2020 — G2 Esports DAS MOBA neben Dota one of the leading Official Twitter of G2 in der Videobeschreibung zum Erfahre mehr über das Rekkles aufs nächste Level best and 20.11.2020 — G2 Esports: Alle « Summoners-Inn.de LoL of Legends G2 users have rated Dynatrace number 1 for observability in the first-ever Observability Suite Solutions ranking. We are pleased to share, G2.

LoL: Rekkles wechselt von Fnatic zu G2 Esport

Rumors: Rekkles Exploring His Options, Might Sign With G2 Esports. According to rumors, Martin Rekkles Larsson has decided not to re-sign with Fnatic (yet) but instead enter free agency and, potentially, sign for G2 Esports. Now, if this were any other year, we'd be inclined to wave this rumor off and just move on Hier finden Sie Informationen zu dem Thema Krasser Wechsel in der LEC. Lesen Sie jetzt G2 verpflichtet Rekkles - LoL-Starspieler kommt von Fnatic I was watching Rekkles' G2 highlight video on stream, and it's really cute because I was reffing him for a long time - I've known him since he was like 17, she says. According to Yuli, the player is always very professional, and is very thoughtful in how he acts and how he speaks. However, for the last couple of years of his Fnatic career, she feels that the botlaner. G2 Esports may have just lost their talisman, but it didn't take them long to find another huge name to replace him. Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson is on his way to G2, stepping into the shoes of. Fnatics Star-Spieler Martin Rekkles Larsson verlässt zur nächsten League-of-Legends-Saison sein Team. Fnatic teilte am Mittwoch mit, man habe dem Botlaner das größte Angebot jemals für.

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Rekkles to Sign with G2 Esports. In what may be the only move to match Perkz to Cloud9, Rekkles has decided not to sign with Fnatic and instead head to G2, according to BloopGG and Esportmaniacos. This comes after many thought he would re-sign with Fnatic for another run-back. The terms of the deal are not yet known G2 REKKLES G2 / Gold 4 21LP / 40W 31L Win Ratio 56% / Senna - 15W 17L Win Ratio 47%, Kai'Sa - 17W 14L Win Ratio 55%, Jhin - 18W 11L Win Ratio 62%, Kayle - 9W 4L Win Ratio 69%, Volibear - 6W 5L Win Ratio 55

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G2 Esports bot laner Martin Rekkles Larsson is the 2021 LEC Spring MVP after his first split with the legendary organization. After a great split for the Swedish superstar, Rekkles added a. G2 Rekkles Favorites Update Last updated: 2021-06-17 21:29:37. Summary Champions Leagues Live Game. Ranked Solo. Unranked Flex 5:5 Rank. Unranked S2020 Total ; Ranked Solo ; Ranked Flex 5v5 ; Shen CS 175.5 (5.7) 2.23:1 KDA. 3.6 / 5.5 / 8.5. 36% 11 Played. Rekkles abandona Fnatic y todo apunta a que se irá a G2 Esports. La bomba del día la ha protagonizado la leyenda sueca de Fnatic, Martin Larsson, más conocido como Rekkles, que abandona el club de su vida para fichar, posiblemente, por el eterno rival: G2 Esports. OFICIAL - REKKLES FICHA POR G2 ESPORTS La vera storia dietro l'addio di Rekkles riguarda le lusinghe arrivate dai G2 Esports, orfani di Perkz, pronto ad accasarsi nella corsia centrale dei Cloud9, e al 99% prossimo team dell'ex-Fnatic.Quando si parla di decisione non basata sul denaro l'alternativa è la gloria, la sete di vittorie di Rekkles che può essere soddisfatta, secondo il suo giudizio, solo dai G2 On paper G2 would look really good with Rekkles, but Fnatic would get fked. Fnatic having to replace their mid (maybe) and adc players would be huge hit for them, but at the same time G2 losing their adc is also bad. Huge for G2, really bad for Fnatic. Also Hylissang Rekkles duo was so good at Worlds this year. If, Perkz only joined Fnatic as mid laner

Rekkles will play for G2 in the future. (Image Credit: Rekkles via Twitter) We bring you the latest player transfers from the world of esports every other week. Since our last transfer roundup, many of the rumors in League of Legends have been confirmed. Apart from a few transfers in CS:GO and Dota 2, the League of Legends scene is particularly. Rekkles also has the highest assist average among all ADCs in the league. Beyond his KDA, Rekkles has the highest kill participation on his team. He has been a part of nearly 80% of G2's kills. His closest follower in the team is Mihael Mikyx Mehle with nearly 75%. The rest of G2 have their percentage of kill participation at 60s Bei G2 trifft er auf seinen Ex-Teamkollegen Rasmus Caps Winther, der vor zwei Jahren ebenfalls von Fnatic verpflichtet wurde. Rekkles ersetzt bei G2 Luka Perkz Perković. Im Interview mit der. Rekkles fällt nur einmal. Man könnte den Eindruck bekommen, dass sich bei Ex-Fnatic ADC Martin Rekkles Larsson durch den Wechsel zu G2 ein riesiger Knoten gelöst hat. Mit klassischen Picks. G2 Rekkles, le plus gros transfert du mercato 2020 - 2021. Ce transfert est sans doute le plus important de toute cette période de mercato en Europe. Après 13 splits passés en noir et orange, Rekkles quitte l'organisation Fnatic dont il était la figure de proue pour rejoindre son concurrent direct. Alors que Perkz avait annoncé qu'il.

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  1. G2 and Rekkles go 3-0 in first LEC week Looking at the overall team performance from G2 during the first week of the LEC, it was definitely strong. G2 had some hiccups here and there, but nothing.
  2. utos de lectura. Hace unos segundos, G2 Esports ha publicado por fin el anuncio que llevábamos varios días esperando. Martin « Rekkles » Larsson será el nuevo tirador de los samuráis para la nueva temporada de League of Legends
  3. Rekkles officially joins G2 Esports for 2021 LEC season. A few days removed from his departure from Fnatic, it's now official. Martin Rekkles Larsson will be joining G2 Esports for the 2021 LEC season. The Swedish bot laner joins G2 after more than five years with Fnatic, transitioning to a G2 Esports lineup that has been steady since.
  4. G2 Rékklês / Platinum 1 100LP / 46W 49L Win Ratio 48% / Kai'Sa - 14W 10L Win Ratio 58%, Jhin - 8W 8L Win Ratio 50%, Tristana - 5W 4L Win Ratio 56%, Kog'Maw - 4W 5L Win Ratio 44%, Ezreal - 4W 4L Win Ratio 50
  5. ute promotional video shared on Twitter. During the video, Rekkles shared some insight into his reason for joining G2 Esports
  6. Perkz to Cloud9, Rekkles to G2, and other transfer rumors. Today, at midnight European Central Time, the global League of Legends transfer window will open. As a result, many of the rumors and reports that we have been feeding on over the past few weeks will be verified, and teams around the world will start completing their roster for 2021
  7. G2 Esports spendete Nickmercs 100 Subs auf Twitch und der Ärger war aus der Welt. Die 100 Subs auf Twitch kosten etwa 500€. Mit den 100 Subs kann sich Nickmercs als der Gewinner des Konflikts.

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  1. Precisamente a Martin «Rekkles» Larsson. G2 Esports estaría interesado en Rekkles como ADC. La noticia la daba primero LEC Wooloo esta misma noche a través de su cuenta de Twitter. Yes there are rumours of G2 that could be interested in buying out 'FNC player(s)'. But Fnatic will try everything to keep what they want I think. — LEC Wooloo (@LEC_Wooloo) November 12, 2020 Sí.
  2. Esports Legends: Rekkles. A Swedish powerhouse and one of Europe's greatest players to ever touch the game. This is the story of Rekkles, Europe's strongest marksman. 22.01.2021 By Omar Van Vynckt. A recent controversial transfer saw Rekkles leaving Fnatic and joining their biggest competitor. Having joined the ranks of G2 Esports, Europe.
  3. What's more, Rekkles most likely destination is none other than G2 Esports, Fnatic's long-time LEC rival. The organization was in the market for a top-tier bot laner following the departure of Luka Perkz Perković.It had been previously rumoured that a Rekkles move to G2 was likely, but with his departure from Fnatic, the move is all but set in stone
  4. G2 Rekkles MVP / Silver 3 75LP / 8W 7L Win Ratio 53% / Kai'Sa - 2W 3L Win Ratio 40%, Ashe - 3W 1L Win Ratio 75%, Ezreal - 2W 1L Win Ratio 67%, Tristana - 1W 2L Win Ratio 33%, Caitlyn - 1W 0L Win Ratio 100

Eher leise, vereinzelte Stimmen bringen Fnatic-ADC Rekkles ins Spiel, ob dieser den Schritt zu G2 wagen würde, ist aber (noch) fragwürdig. Nächste Artikel Kommentare lade Teilen auf Twitter. Tweeten Share on Facebook. Teilen Empfehlen über reddit. reddit Teilen Sie per E-Mail . E-Mail Nach seiner Debütsaison in einem G2 Esports-Trikot wurde Martin Rekkles Larsson zum LEC Spring Split MVP ernannt. Ähnlich wie Rogues Coaching-Team der Spaltung, Der MVP-Preis wurde an Rekkles für seine Leistung in der regulären Saison vergeben. Rekkles kam von Rivalen. Rekkles officially join G2. Shadman Sabik Zaim. November 21, 2020. Image via G2 Esports Twitter Page. After 8 years in Fnatic, Rekkles decides to leave to join in G2 to fill Perkz's spot to form yet another superteam in the LEC. After failing at Worlds for the past few years, Rekkles decided he needed a change of scenery Dota 2 Team OG is officially part of the BMW Esports family; Surprise reveal points to Rekkles joining OG's Dota 2 roster. News about this is doing the rounds on Twitter since Wednesday. However, the bigger reveal is the new carry player who will join OG for DPC season 2

G2 Esport Rekkles awarded with the 2021 LEC Spring MVP

  1. Rekkles Signs with G2 After Days of Speculation. The biggest loose end in the LoL free agency period has finally been wrapped up, as Martin Rekkles Larsson signs with G2 Esports. Fnatic's former star bot laner was widely rumoured to be the replacement for a departing Luka Perkz Perković, but as of November 20th, the move is official
  2. g, but now it's finally official: G2 Esports has signed Martin Rekkles Larsson as their AD carry for the 2021 competitive season! Just writing such a sentence makes one feel strange. Like this is all but a.
  3. G2 signs Rekkles to replace Perkz Dot Esport . G2 Esports' Luka Perkz Perkovic, one of the most recognizable names in European League of Legends, announced on Twitter on Saturday that he would be taking a break from competing in the LEC next. Le Reverb G2 est un casque révolutionnaire offrant une expérience plus immersive que jamais avec des visuels réalistes, des paysages sonores immersifs.

Hier finden Sie Informationen zu dem Thema Duell nach Rekkles-Transfer. Lesen Sie jetzt Fnatic nimmt G2 im Spitzenspiel der LoL-Liga LEC auseinander Nachdem Fnatic den Botlaner Rekkles im letzten Jahr an G2 verloren hat, was sich kaum wer vorstellen konnte, bevor's passiert ist, wirken einige Fans von Fnatic da aber unsicher. Bwipo. G2 EsportsがFnaticからRekklesを獲得した。スウェーデン出身のベテラン『LoL』プレイヤーはヨーロッパ最強チームにどのような効果を与えるのだろうか G2 Esports' owner and founder Carlos ocelote Rodríguez has angered Fnatic's fan base once again.. Ocelote is known for his sense of humor and memes on Twitter, but this time he took it a bit too far in the eyes of Fnatic fans. On Wednesday, ocelote quoted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive analyst Jacob Pimp Winneche and tagged Martin Rekkles Larsson without any more context G2 Rekkles Favorites Update Last updated: 2021-06-13 03:22:32. Summary Champions Leagues Live Game. Ranked Solo. Unranked Flex 5:5 Rank. Unranked S2020 Total ; Ranked Solo ; Ranked Flex 5v5 ; Caitlyn CS 211.9 (6.8) 3.41:1 KDA. 13.1 / 7.3 / 11.7. 86% 7 Played.

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With G2 Esports, I hope to remain at the top of the industry for years to come. Age 1990-07-29. Nationality UK. Role Analyst. Games League of Legends. Duffman's biography. Christopher 'Duffman' Duff is the Head Analyst for our League of Legends team. The Scot has been part of G2 since 2016, contributing to the amazing success of the team, including multiple LEC titles, an MSI trophy and. G2 Esports' new bot laner Martin Rekkles Larsson dominated the first week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split with some impressive stats. After only three games with G2, Rekkles is already showing promising signs that he was the right man to replace Luka Perkz Perković. Not only was Rekkles a big part of G2's first three wins in the 2021 LEC season, he also knocked every opponent out. G2 Młody Rekkles / Gold 1 58LP / 120W 116L Win Ratio 51% / Kai'Sa - 52W 41L Win Ratio 56%, Senna - 13W 13L Win Ratio 50%, Tristana - 9W 8L Win Ratio 53%, Twitch - 5W 8L Win Ratio 38%, Ezreal - 6W 6L Win Ratio 50 Teraz Rekkles wzmocnił największego rywala Fnatic, czyli G2 Esports. Nowa drużyna Larssona w ostatnich dwóch latach wygrała 4 mistrzostwa Europy, MSI oraz zagrała w finale mistrzostw świata. Rekkles nie dołącza do zespołu żeby wygrać LEC. Celem G2 na najbliższy sezon jest mistrzostwo świata i każdy inny wynik powinien traktowany być jak porażka LEC explota: G2 Esports tantea a Rekkles como sustituto de Perkz. El simple fogonazo de imaginar a Messi en el Real Madrid o a Cristiano Ronaldo en su día en el Barcelona, esa es la única manera de entrelazar lo que G2 Esports es capaz de hacer para derrumbar todos los muros posibles en el League of Legends europeo con el posible fichaje de.

G2 Esports sign Rekkles to complete 2021 LEC roster

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  1. L'ex giocatore di Fnatic Rekkles è entrato a far parte del team League of Legends di G2 Esports come sostituto di Perkz. L'annuncio è stato dato dalla stessa organizzazione londinese. Rekkles, noto come uno dei più grandi ADC europei di tutti i tempi, ha deciso quindi di unirsi a G2, la migliore squadra in Europa
  2. G2 verpflichtet Rekkles - LoL-Starspieler kommt von Fnatic. Es hatte sich bereits angedeutet, nun ist es perfekt: Rekkles wird neuer Botlaner vom LEC-Titelverteidiger G2 Esports. Bei Fnatic liess er seinen Vertrag auslaufen. Seinen Wechsel begründet er vor allem mit einem Ziel: dem Titel bei der Weltmeisterschaft
  3. G2 Rekkles / Gold 1 26LP / 169W 175L Win Ratio 49% / Kai'Sa - 41W 42L Win Ratio 49%, Senna - 39W 28L Win Ratio 58%, Jhin - 24W 21L Win Ratio 53%, Vayne - 20W 13L Win Ratio 61%, Sivir - 4W 13L Win Ratio 24
  4. G2 Esports hat die Verpflichtung von Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson als neuen AD-Carry offiziell bestätigt. Der Schwede ersetzt Luka 'Perkz' Perković, nachdem er den Großteil seiner Karriere beim G2-Erzrivalen Fnatic verbracht hat. Ein Superstar geht, ein neuer kommt: G2 Esports hat nach dem Perkz-Abschied am Dienstag nun offiziell einen Ersatz für die Bot-Lane gefunden
  5. Es oficial: G2 Esports ficha a Rekkles. El histórico jugador de Fnatic se va al equipo rival. Los rumores ya no daban más y no parecía ser humo tras la salida de Perkz. Hace algunos días Fnatic despedía a Rekkles, su legendario tirador, marcando el final de una época para el equipo francés. Hoy se confirmó que Martin Rekkles.
  6. G2 Rekkles Lft / Diamond 4 19LP / 72W 61L Win Ratio 54% / Jhin - 20W 19L Win Ratio 51%, Kai'Sa - 16W 16L Win Ratio 50%, Samira - 8W 4L Win Ratio 67%, Aphelios - 9W 1L Win Ratio 90%, Vayne - 4W 5L Win Ratio 44
  7. Ya es oficial. Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson será el nuevo tirador de G2 Esports para la nueva temporada de League of Legends. La leyenda sueca abandona Fnatic tras casi 8 años en el club de su vida.

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G2 Rekklës / Gold 1 0LP / 176W 149L Win Ratio 54% / Jinx - 22W 13L Win Ratio 63%, Viego - 14W 19L Win Ratio 42%, Jhin - 19W 11L Win Ratio 63%, Veigar - 19W 5L Win Ratio 79%, Kog'Maw - 18W 6L Win Ratio 75 Rekkles se dirigirá a G2 Esports para la temporada 2021, reemplazando a Luka Perkz Perkovic . Rekkles abandona la que ha sido su casa por 8 años y apunta al eterno rival, G2 Esports | sport. 19/11/2020 a las 13:09 CET. Marc Zapater. 0. Fnatic hace oficial el adiós a la leyenda sueca, Martin Larsson, más conocido como Rekkles, que abandona tras 8 años el club de su vida. Todo apunta a. Follow your favorite pros, watch their games, and predict their wins

Goodbye Fnatic: Rekkles verso i G2 Esports - EsportsMag

Rekkles ersetzt Perkz bei G2 Esports « readmore

G2 verpflichtet Rekkles - LoL-Starspieler kommt von Fnatic. Foto: David Lee/Riot Games/dpa | Bei der LoL-WM scheiterte Rekkles mit Fnatic im Viertelfinale, beim nächsten Mal soll der Sieg nun mit. Rekkles: «Nunca hemos hecho scrims contra G2 Esports ni lo haremos por x motivos». Esta vez no tiene nada que ver con Caps. Rekkles vuelve a ser noticia en la previa de la novena jornada de competición de LEC, donde el viernes se repite uno de los partidos más sonados de la temporada, el Fnatic contra G2 Esports, ahora con un plus después. Oficial: Rekkles dice adiós a Fnatic. ¿Rumbo a G2? Tras más de cinco años y medio, Rekkles se vuelve a despedir de Fnatic para poner rumbo a un nuevo equipo con el que alcanzar la gloria. Era un secreto a voces, pero el club ya lo ha hecho oficial en lo que es el primer paso de lo que ya muchos esperan. Se cierra así la segunda etapa de.

Fnatic nimmt G2 im Spitzenspiel der LoL-Liga LEC auseinander. 06.02.2021 - Überraschend deutliches Spitzenspiel in der dritten LEC-Spielwoche: Im ersten Aufeinandertreffen nach dem Transfer von Starspieler Rekkles bleibt G2 gegen Fnatic komplett chancenlos. Das Duell der beiden Erzrivalen dauerte am Ende nicht einmal 30 Minuten. Von dem. Rekkles, el nuevo gran fichaje de G2 Esports para su equipo de League of Legends, ha asegurado a sus aficionados que él y su nuevo equipo están hechos el uno para el otro. Martin ' Rekkles ' Larsson ha sido sin duda uno de los nombres de este año 2020 tanto por su nivel compitiendo con Fnatic como al protagonizar, probablemente, el.

Fnatic-Legende Rekkles unterschreibt bei G2 Esport

Wunder Jankos Caps Rekkles Mikyx View Team. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. AMANEK JACKZ huNter NiKo nexa View Team. Rainbow Six Siege. UUNO Kantoraketti Kayak Virtue CTZN View Team. VALORANT. mixwell AvovA pyth nukkye koldamenta View Team. Rocket League. Chicago JKnaps View Team Rekkles ha trascorso un totale di otto anni con Fnatic, si è diviso in due periodi con l'organizzazione e ha raccolto 26 primi posti nei tornei, giocando 566 partite e un impressionante 6.6 KDA. A G2 Esports cercherà di costruire un'altra stagione impressionante nel 2020 con un nuovo roster e finalmente ottenere un po 'di argento internazionale

LoL: G2 oficializa contratação de Rekkles para temporadaRekkles Adalah Pemain AD Carry Terbaik di Barat, MenurutFnatic se merienda a G2 Esports en el primer clásico de

G2 Rekkles / Gold 4 18LP / 38W 27L Win Ratio 58% / Kai'Sa - 16W 11L Win Ratio 59%, Lucian - 14W 10L Win Ratio 58%, Ezreal - 5W 5L Win Ratio 50%, Vayne - 3W 0L Win Ratio 100%, Thresh - 0W 1L Win Ratio 0 The perfect Rekkles G2 Jankos Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor As Rekkles signs with rival G2 Esports, he'll be going head to head with former Fnatic teammates for future matches. For years, Fnatic has faced off against G2 in important matches, only for the team to repeatedly fall short of success in the LEC. Now, Rekkles will be joining the rival team to continue denying Fnatic any trophies for the upcoming season Mit Rekkles wechselt damit ein weiterer Spieler in Richtung G2 Esports. Bereits 2018 wechselte der Midlaner Rasmus 'Caps' Borregaard Winther. Der Wechsel sorgte damals für den Beginn einer Ära in der LEC. Die nächsten vier Meisterschaften gingen an G2. Spiel in Zukunft für G2 Esports: Rekkles (Foto: G2 Esports G2-Boss gibt zu - Starspieler Perkz sollte nicht zu Fnatic *Update. Luka Perkz Perković war einer der Stars der LEC - und ist von G2 zu Cloud9 in die LCS in League of Legends gewechselt. G2-Boss ocelote hat am Mittwoch zugegeben, dass ein Wechsel zum Rivalen Fnatic verhindert wurde. 03.12.2020 Von Jef Van den Bosch Trotz allem war das Match der Woche eindeutig der Kampf zwischen Fnatic und G2 Esports am zweiten Tag. Rekkles gegen seine alten Teammates mit seinem neuen G2-Squad im Rücken. Es war ein Spiel voller Erwartungen, in dem beide Teams sich etwas zu beweisen hatten. Allerdings wissen wir auch, dass G2 meistens nur Spiele gegen Ende des Splits ernst nimmt. I am the Volibear — Bwipo (@Bwipo.

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